"Every adventure requires a first step" - Cheshire Cat

Web Links: 1

Web Links: 1

Familiar with my Tumblr blog? then you’ll recognize this series. I’ve tested it on this platform before but it eventually was taken down. Here I share my favourite internet interests with you and hope you find joy out of them as well! Please feel free to share anything you think should be recognized below in the comments.

  1. Big changes are happening around here and THIS song has been relieving to cry/release to. There’s a lyric that really gets to me, “What it's like to love someone so much you treat their heart like it was your own?”. I don’t mean to be overly mushy but the love I have for Tristan is out of this world, I’ve never trusted someone with my heart so easily.

  2. OH MY LAWD. Who wants to do V.I.P movies with me to watch Pokemon Detective Pikachu!???

  3. I’m definitely using some of THESE tips for our place. Live Your Style has a new subscriber for life and that’s me.

  4. Almost the entire day yesterday was spent watching Psych2Go videos. I truly found these educating little clips helpful and eye-opening.

  5. 3 ingredient vegan browns?? Perfected, here.

  6. I’ve just started making healthier decisions. Everyday this week I’ve set a goal, which I normally don’t reach, but I get closer day by day. It’s not realistic to follow a strict schedule but the goal is to keep trying to live healthier in every aspect. What is your daily goal?

  7. In our place we have a beautiful fireplace mantel which I hope to decorate just like THIS for the holiday season. I’ll be following THIS video very closely.

  8. Honestly it’s hard to pick a favourite holiday movie but THIS one has always stolen my heart. Oh, Serendipity is the absolute best Christmas movie ever!!!! I can’t wait to share all it’s wonders with Tristan this year because our relationship was very serendipitous.

  9. Out of Yung Lean’s latest songs Happy Feet is the most replayed song on my phone right now.

  10. THIS song soothes my soul.

My FIRST car

My FIRST car

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