"Every adventure requires a first step" - Cheshire Cat

My FIRST car

My FIRST car

Just under a month ago financing or buying a car became a serious topic discussed between Tristan and I.

When moving to Courtice, where there aren’t many bus systems easily accessible, the question of how would I get around kept coming up. Tristan has had his Mazda for a little while and it’s proven to be a wonderful little go cart! I’ve driven it a couple times and it’s a vehicle I feel comfortable investing in. However, financing a brand new 2018 Mazda 3G wasn’t my immediate thought. It required more researching, price comparing and weighing every option.

Why I went for the 2018 Mazda?

  • Recent graduate discount on new cars

  • Mazda alumni discount since Tristan and I live together his Mazda qualities

  • 0.96 interest rate

  • Safety with low maintenance

  • FREE winter tires along with summer tires

The entire process was VERY stressful as I’ve never be a primary owner of a car. But AJ from Ajax Mazda took very good care of me and compassionately held my hand through every step. Through all the nerves and fears I felt in my heart this was the right decision.

Of course Tristan will obviously be driving this car but it’s my baby and I finally realize why people are so protective over their cars.


2019 - PEACE

2019 - PEACE

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