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2019 - PEACE

2019 - PEACE

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“What a year it’s been. Through these last 11 months my life has completed flipped upside down and at some points the stress seemed too overwhelming. I’ve grown so much more in 2018, more than I could ever imagine and I’m thankful for the journey that has led me here. My eyes have opened to a realistic way of living, my freedom and redefining my personal boundaries.”

- Ashley Drew, November 30th 2018.

I still stand by that quote.

 Like many of you, this year brought unique and life-changing challenges, but guess what? We are still here. We made it into 2019, a luxury many people didn’t have.

Recently a friend of mine, a partner to my boyfriend’s best friend, a loving daughter, a beautiful singer/actress, was critically injured in a car accident on Christmas Eve. Details are confidential but it’s safe to say, “WHAT THE HELL”. No one thinks this could happen so close to home and on Christmas Eve!? My heart aches of her, the family and anyone affected. I can’t imagine the waves of emotion flooding their every day lives.

Please send your healing and positive thoughts to our friend Kennedy.


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To My Readers,

Live my friends. Feed your soul with meaningful work, self-care, new adventures and generosity. It may be easier said than done but something I’ve stitched into my self-talk is to never compromise what keeps your mind calm and your heart full. As of late, I’ve been trying to find my place in this world. Not to say a specific job defines your worth but it’s important to recognize what YOU need from this world. Now, we can’t go walking around acting all entitled expecting special treatment. Certain situations may require some tough times and I don’t want to encourage staying in a “comfortable” situation. I’ve been there; too scared to venture out, too comfortable to take the leap and it definitely hindered me from achieving more. Basically being comfortable with being uncomfortable is key as long as it doesn’t compromise your morals, your inner peace, and your growth.


This year my goals are VERY specific

- Pursue my career using my creativity. Invest in my talents and take it seriously.

- Stick to my planned schedule

- Commit to volunteering

- Drink two reusable jugs of water daily

- Run twice a week

- Treat myself to sweets once a week

- Rewire my brain by reading self-care books once a month

- Consistently build my videography and editing skills

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Also, I want to free myself from judgement. On this journey I wont always be right, I’ll probably be wrong a lot of the time. However, I want to surround myself with those on a similar journey or understanding of mine. The good times will be enchanting; they give you a reason to keep going and something to look forward to when it gets tough. But not everything is going to be pretty. I saw a post on a good friend’s Instagram discussing the mean of “positive vibes only”. Unfortunately I can’t find the exact post but it went something along the lines of,  “positive vibes does not mean you’re happy with everything. Things might not turn out the way you want but it’s hoping for better days”. We are coming into 2019 where mental health isn’t completely accepted but how do we progress without talking, writing, singing, creating over it? If you’re looking for a feel-good, raw, 100% authentic and empowering creator check out Gena over at www.desireloveandinspire.com or on her Instagram at desireloveandinspire. I’m pretty sure that’s where I found that positive vibes quote!

Thank you for reading this blog on my recent goals and intentions for 2019. I was going to do a full reflection on this past year but that’s another post for another day. It’s time to focus on the future and the wonders to come.

Check out all our photos from the holiday!

What’s Christmas without some cozy pyjamas.


Christmas Day at my mom’s house.


How colourful and cute is the Maenza Christmas decor? I love the authentic and handmade pieces. Kris did a great job decorating!

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It was a pleasure having Gena over at our new place the other day. After giving her a little tour of the apartment Gena blessed us with her generous Greek traditions for warding off bad energies. Soon after we ventured over to the newest Copper Branch in Bowmanville, every location is more aseptically pleasing than the last.

The relationship between Gena and I has grown into such a loving, supportive and empowering friendship. Thank you Gena (if you’re reading this) for all you’ve opened my eyes to.

I”d like to acknowledge those who have stuck by myself through it all, through years of craziness and destructive behaviour. Thank you my dearest friends, my circle is small but I do appreciate even strangers that have shown kindness to me in passing. A simple smile can change someone entire day.

The one and only, Gena.

The one and only, Gena.

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Thank you for checking out all that made my holiday amazing!

It’s been quite the year and I’m excited to see what 2019 has in store for us all.

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