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Story Boarding: YouTube Videos

Story Boarding: YouTube Videos

Ever curious on how I conceptualize my YouTube videos and the process I take from brainstorming to editing? This hobby has been so fulfilling, expressive and rewarding in terms of satisfying my creative needs. It's been said that YouTube is too saturated but I believe if you create from your heart without expectation then you can't lose! I am truly grateful for every viewer, like, comment and subscriber. Hopefully these steps and tips can give you a better understanding of how I bring my ideas to life. 

  1. FIND STYLE INSPIRATION: Usually I poke around on Pinterest for outfit ideas (check out my fashion board) or look at the notes of outfits I've written down. 
  2. FIND VIDEO INSPIRATION: This is the hardest part for me because I want to try everything instead of find *one* style of video. I watch over 10 videos to find the feel of what I am looking for in coordination with my outfit. A huge part of this process is finding a song, I find it's best to find a song before filming to get all the shot needed. 
  3. STORY BOARDING: I draw out a story board layout in my YouTube notebook and fill in the squares with each scene including the shot (Long, medium, close-up) and angle. Adding any additional ideas or thoughts that are helpful as well.
  4. FILMING: This is when I coordinate with my film makers, usually Vtography who filmed my most known video #OOTD in a minute - All Black or my wonderful friends. Thank you!
  5. EDITING: Once I upload all my videos onto my MacBook Pro, I import them into Final Cut Pro. This is my favourite part were I colour correct, trim or crop my clips and layout how I want my video to flow. Also I turn to YouTube to help improve certain techniques and transitions. I'll leave a couple links below that have really helped me grow my editing but it's a constant learning process so have patience, you can do it!
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I made this little story board book from scratch and with the help from these videos you can too!

1. This is the main video I followed but I put my own twist on it as well. 

2. I'd love to follow this tutorial for my notepad! 

3. This one is the easiest to follow and very, very instagramable!

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