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Spring into Spring!

Spring into Spring!

Is everyone as excited for the warm weather as I am? Although I adore fall fashion it's nice to have the freedom to wear off-the-shoulder tops without without compromising the look with a jacket. Who agrees? feel free to leave a comment below sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Today I've put together a couple items that I can't wait to sport or already have been this season. These pieces are what I consider summer staples and are great to have in your wardrobe to assemble a quick and cute outfit.  


A great online shop with popular styles within a budget.

  • These culottes are a must in every colour.
  • My search for my perfect blazer is over.
  • This maxi skirt looks like a breeze on a nice summer day.

Urban Outfitters


Zara slip-ons


With being on a budget I only picked up one item that I absolutely loved.



My Outfit

Check out where I find my style inspiration HERE.



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