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Congrats Tristan!

Congrats Tristan!

We celebrated a man who has consistently been a rock in my life and in many others. With that hard-working mentality I truly believe anything is in arms reach for Tristan.. seriously he’s tall if you can’t tell.

We give many thanks to our mutual friend Priya for introducing us, because only she knew something beautiful would grow between us. Tristan’s graduation from Kinesiology turned out better than ever imagined, his wonderful family put hours of preparation into making the food, tidying and decorating. With Tristan's aunt being vegan too there was many delicious and healthy plant-based foods. Usually in front of the camera I was having a great time being the family photographer but it isn’t my place to upload everything on my blog, somethings are better seen in a photo album. However please enjoy the photos I have uploaded below!


Missing Erin in this wonderfully candid photo of the immediate family. Sloan stole the spotlight.


Laughing with him is one of my favourite feelings and that cake (top right) was absolutely delicious for a fully vegan chocolate cake. 


He was surround by a lot of love, that's for sure! 


You can't tell the crazy skin colour difference in the photo above but the left one is more of an accurate representation of how tan he is. #fringeandtan


I think the above photo was taken on Osama's phone but it makes me reconsider getting another iPhone. It's amazing to see Tristan's friends from elementary school, who are still involved in his life, come support and celebrate with everyone. Friendship like that only comes around once and a while!


Our parents met for the first time that day and it seemed to flow so effortlessly. My mom means a lot to me, given she's played the role of two parents my entire life and it makes my heart so happy that she see the greatness I see in him. I'm so proud of her for coming to his graduation on her own and getting to know the family as I have. I can't wait for more gatherings like this one.



What an amazing feeling to be so involved and accepted into a family not your own. Tristan's mom pulled me aside at the end of the day to chat which nearly brought me to tears of happiness. Love, support, loyalty and unity have become staples in my life which I plan to carry on forever. 

Vegan Recipes

Vegan Recipes