"Every adventure requires a first step" - Cheshire Cat

Laveanne: 2018

Laveanne: 2018


What a great little spot for tranquility and serenity. It's not to far from home either if you're up for a day trip around the greater Toronto area.

This visually captivating lavender field peaked my interest when a self-care day was in diar need. Tristan and I may have taken an hour and half detour using Google Maps into a rough and dangerous trail through the middle of a forest! But it was completely worth it once we arrived at Laveanne to begin our little self tour. They had a couple vendors off to the side that supported fair trade between countries like Canada, Haiti and Africa which genuinely warmed our hearts. Towards the front of the field, on top of a little hill was a petit patio that offered a variety of sandwiches and drinks. We went with the lavender infused punch which we reviewed as solid 10/10! 

Besides the visually stunning decor in the gift shop, almost every inch of this place was a great photo opportunity. We found a cute little bridge with adorable hobbit-like doors on the hill beside it.


I loved the music choice they went with. A soft and classical sound which made it an environment for every sense.

 Visual, aromatic and gentle to the ear.


Tristan in his natural environment. Dam, I love that man.


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