"Every adventure requires a first step" - Cheshire Cat

Small Towns: Port Hope

Small Towns: Port Hope

Oh hey,

How's everyones summer going? Last week we made a huge effort to explore our surroundings, one of them being the small town of Port Hope.

This cute and "homemade" town if full of authentic shops, friendly people and occationally a movie set! We stumbled upon the making of the IT sequel, if you haven't seen the remake keep in mind almost every scene was shot in Port Hope or Oshawa. After we stood by the sidelines for 15 minute we continued our travels around the town. 

We found the absolute cutest flower shop, Holton Flowers, and if you haven't seen my little Instagram video check it out HERE. They have every type of flower you could imagine!


I feel in love with the decor in this store, Dwellissimo on Walton Street. The colours just jumped at you which made me so excited to photograph them! Plus we added a couple items on our "To-Get" list.


Sugar Dust Bakery & Cafe

What a wonderful and bright cafe to wander into. As soon as we walked through the doors we were greeted by a friendly voice that would be ready to help us in a moment. A little time for me to admire the decor and decadent sweets is always appreciated. The bright colour scheme and fun typography on their signs added to the cute vibes in the space. 

With so many authentic and homemade treats to choose from, my decision was based solely on how HUGE the date bar was! Tristan opted for the chocolate cupcake which also looked delicious but the date bar was calling my name. The owner came to our table and greeted us as we took our first bite. They asked for our opinion as we literally melting in our chairs with happiness and replied "amazing". It was a relief to find out they basically use half the sugar most bakeries add and that every item is truly 100% homemade. 

Small Towns: Innisfil Sunflower Field

Small Towns: Innisfil Sunflower Field

Laveanne: 2018

Laveanne: 2018