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Iceland Budget: $1,500 for 4 days

Iceland Budget: $1,500 for 4 days

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Iceland, a destination on every travelers “wish list” or at least it should be.

We started our adventure with a couple complications including some unexpected expenses. We didn’t let that dampen our trip as we adjusting our spending budge and sucked it up. Although I will advise others to bring an extra $200 as a reserve or your credit card, which we did incase of emergencies. Tristan had a grand time venting in an absolutely hilarious video, I won’t dwell on the negative but focus on what we did and the amazing time we had.

Tuesday morning we arrived in Reykjavik at 6 am, picked up our car which required an additional insurance fee that we weren’t expecting but that’s okay! No worries. By 8 am we had the keys in our hand, bags all organized and we started the search for a grocery store. We knew Iceland would be expensive but with 11,000 króna out of our budget we really kept our spending tight. After a quick bite to eat we started our official journey into the wonders of Iceland. The weather was quite cold and rainy the first day, to say the least we under packed for how many outfits we went through within 12 hours of arrival. Basically every sight we stoped at, we got soaked, with the exception of the first location when I thought I’d get a cool video of myself jumping across the river and I actually fell right into it. That natural bath was all me and yes, it was hilarious. Regardless of the weather we had such an amazing time venturing together and spending what seemed like days walking to the plane crash seen in the first photo.

You may be wondering about our sleeping accommodations and this is where we saved a lot of time and money. We opted for sleeping in the car and used two sleeping bags as blankets and towels as pillows. It sounds uncomfortable and complicated to get ready, change and eat in but it honestly worked out beautifully. What soon became a trend was finding a spot off the road with stunning view, hidden and tucked away, having a glass of wine with some dark chocolate and playing some cards. A really soothing feeling was having Tristan read his book to me as I fell asleep.

We didn’t have an itinerary or much of plan when it came to sight seeing. Back home I looked up few locations including many of the popular tourist sites. Honesty some of our favorite experiences were the random spots we stoped for on our route, they weren’t nearly as busy as the popular locations. I will advise those who rent a car to be cautious driving on the North West side, it was literally a teeth bitting experience for me getting to Arnarstapi. Tristan is a great driver but the high winds pushing the car as we drove on the mountain side had me on the edge of my seat the entire 3 hours. The south side of Reykjavik definitely felt like a safer drive. Either way both areas were visually breathtaking, it was as if we were in a living postcard. There wasn’t a moment where the scenery didn’t have us in complete “awh”, it was hard resisting the temptation to pull off the road every few kilometers to take a photo. Something we realized on our adventure is that Iceland had the most diverse landscape ever! You can drive around the entire island in 13 hours, it’s incredible to see the vast differences in locations. Also the weather was so beautiful with the exception of the first day we began to sweat after 30 minute outside in our sweaters or jackets. Keep in mind they are on the same weather cycle as us and September is usually still warm here.

Alright, if you are deciding to head to Iceland on a budget and still experience its beauty this is what you’ll need.

The MOST Used Items

  • Sleeping bags X2

  • GPS / Data on your phone for Google Maps is what we used. It was the most useful 12 dollars a day.

  • Multiple sweaters/ comfy pants / jackets / toque and gloves

  • Car charger with different ports / all chargers

  • Flip flops for easy access / rain boots / running shoes

  • Snacks we brought from home - vegan protein shake was how we got our veggies in each day. Bring water bottles with shakers in them to help mix it

  • Camera equipment / tripod was very helpful!

  • Cards, books, entertainment

  • Towels

  • Dry shampoo / tooth brush etc baby wipes / toilet paper

  • Patients

Our Expenses

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$1,450 CAN per person X Iceland for 4 days

  • Flights + car + car insurance x 2 ($1,100 CAN)

  • Blue Lagoon ($125 CAN x 2)

  • Groceries from Bonus + a couple food truck stops because you can’t go to Iceland and not enjoy the fresh fish and popular gas station hot dogs (for Tristan)

  • GAS! ($80 CAN to fill x 3)

  • Data for Google Maps Parking fee at some tourist attractions

  • We saved the most money by bringing snacks from home like trail mix, protein shake, chocolate, cereal, oatmeal, granola bars, Welch’s gummies and beef jerky for Tristan of course.

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Day 1

  • Selfoss

  • Black sand beach

  • Airplane crash

  • Kirkjubaejarklaustur

Day 2

  • Skogafoss

  • Reynisfjara

  • Hot Springs

  • Arnarstapi

  • Moss covered rocks (frozen trolls)

  • Glacier


Day 3

  • Blue Lagoon

  • (mid day nap for 3 hours)

  • Geysir

Day 4

  • Reykjavik

  • Game of Thrones shooting location (I forget the name, it was an unexpected stop)

  • Flighting home

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Thank you for reading about our latest trip to Iceland! Check out our video HERE and there will be a vlog soon to come.